First Week in Review


We opened for coworking a week ago.  The first week went much better than I had expected.  We had about 25 visitors come through to check out the space or take advantage of free coworking.  When there were 5 or more coworkers the place has a nice buzz. 

The Reporter Herald wrote a nice article about the opening and we had at least 5 people stop by or call due to the article.  You can read the article here

Some tweets and quotes from the week:

“I get three times more done coworking that working at home.  I’m definitely coming back”

“At The Armory Workspace for my first coworking experience. Thumbs up.”

“Nice and quiet here. Good atmosphere.”

“Enjoying working at the new Armory in Loveland”

“I've tried out many coworking spaces around Colorado and think they did a great job with The Armory. I will most definitely be joining.”

“it's a great space! I will be using it frequently.”

“I've been working there this week and it's a GREAT space.”

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